Rutting Bison Framed Canvas Wraps - New!

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Treat yourself to top quality canvas digitally printed and framed on hardwood frame. Ready to hang canvas is a 100% polyester base and the print media is acid free with a medium texture and scratch-resistant finish. Solid wood frame, fully finished backing, with corner bumpers for level hanging and to protect your wall. Easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.



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Rutting Bison Framed Canvas Wraps - New!
1.25 inch / Black / 16x20 inch - $42.90
  • 1.25 inch / Black / 16x20 inch - $42.90
  • 1.25 inch / Walnut / 16x20 inch - $42.90
  • 1.25 inch / Black / 16x24 inch - $48.90
  • 1.25 inch / Walnut / 16x24 inch - $48.90
  • 1.25 inch / Black / 18x24 inch - $48.90
  • 1.25 inch / Walnut / 18x24 inch - $48.90
  • 1.25 inch / Black / 20x24 inch - $52.90
  • 1.25 inch / Walnut / 20x24 inch - $52.90
  • 1.25 inch / Black / 20x30 inch - $60.90
  • 1.25 inch / Walnut / 20x30 inch - $60.90
  • 1.25 inch / Black / 24x30 inch - $65.90
  • 1.25 inch / Walnut / 24x30 inch - $65.90
  • 1.25 inch / Black / 24x36 inch - $78.90
  • 1.25 inch / Walnut / 24x36 inch - $78.90
  • 1.25 inch / Black / 30x40 inch - $98.90
  • 1.25 inch / Walnut / 30x40 inch - $98.90

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